After reading the book for the third time,I decided the main theme of the poster is a)to give readers a summary of what this book is about; b)to convey the author's sense of humor and the delicacy of the illustrations. With these goals in mind, I applied Richard Saul Wurman's LATCH (location, alphabet, time, category and hierarchy) system to organize the information. After some trial and failures, I found organizing the book by time could satisfy both ends.

Information Structure

The book is organized by 12 months, which formed the basic structure of the poster. From a distance, the poster looks like a calendar to reveal the overall structure of the book. With closer examination, viewers can learn more about it, such as Sara's notes and illustrations.

Design Style

Since the overall style of the book is light-hearted and delicate, I played with the layout of the elements to show her sense of humor. For example, I broke the rigid 9 by 9 grids with collages of her illustrations. I also used a hand-written font, Sketchflow, to create this light feeling.

I created a book to document my process.

Final Design (detail)
Design Style
Process Book
  • 09/2012 – 10/2012

Sneak peek of the process book