Drawing for me is a training to observe and to feel. In this project, I explore the forms and flows of the barn owl, polar bear and mantis. I started with using pencil to depict the structures of these creatures' heads. Later, with oil pastels, watercolors and calligraphy nibs, I tried to capture their movements. The final deliverable is a 36in by 72in poster, which is used by an art teacher in an elementary school to teach kids draw animals.

Flow study of barn owl
Polar bear and cultural perspective
Form study
Print and cut

One thing I learned from drawing is to see things in space. In the class, I did some interesting practices to learn this skill. The first step is to draw mammals in elipses, with contour lines to define the space. Then I studied characters from the animation 'Ice Age', using different shapes to build up the character.

See the space
Draw elipses with contour lines
Character study of Ice Age

The tools I use are simple, pencil and my favourite Miffy pen. Sometimes I experiment with other materials to create random effects. I draw outdoors as well as in the museum. My favourites are birds and skeletons.

Some tools
Dinosaur quick sketch
Bird study

Here are some selected pages from my sketchbook. I think I will continue the practice of drawing and observing.

Plants and gems
Study of owl and feathers
Elephant skulls and otter
Owl and polar bear