design thesis

My thesis topic as “Engaging Information Interaction in Exhibit Spaces.”

I am interested in new ways of presenting information to the visitors in traditional exhibit spaces, such as art museums, botanical gardens, where information is usually presented statically to the visitors. How to better engage the visitors in the curated narration? How to invite the visitors to not just look at the artworks but participate in the viewing experience, or even take actions after the visit?

With these questions in mind, I look into the exhibit space, current and potential information interaction technology(projectors, screens, AR, etc.), principles of good information design, etc. I will share my latest findings in this blog.



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1-1 Information Interaction Model in Art Museum

1-2 Information in the Exhibit Spaces

1-3 Technology for Exhibit Spaces

1-4 The “Looking Glass” Concept

1-5  Visitor Study by Denver Art Museum Interpretive Project (Part 1)

1-6  Visitor Study by Denver Art Museum Interpretive Project (Part 2)

1-7 Interview Questions for Visitors

1-8 Case Study: Cleveland Museum of Art

1-9 Retrospection

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2-1 Interview synthesis – Personas

2-2 Interview Synthesis – Information 

2-3 Interview Synthesis – Scenarios

2-4 Ideation and revisit thesis statement

2-5 Brainstorm

2-6 Mid-term Poster Presentation

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3-0 Feedback and Reflection

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