[Design Thesis] 1-8 Case Study: Cleveland Museum of Art

Speaking of technology innovation in art museums, one can hardly not talk about Gallery One in Cleveland Museum of Art, which attracted extensive attention from the public and the press since this January. Gallery One rethinks about technology application in the museum exhibits, creating a new multimedia visiting experience for the visitors. It includes one 40-foot multi-touch MicroTile Collection Wall, several multi-touch screens in the whole gallery and a new iPad app, ArtLens.

It does a lot cool stuff (I wish I could go there and see by myself)

– The 40-foot MicroTile Collection Wall displays the 3,800 pieces of works in the museum. Visitors can drag the pictures of works into their iPad and plan their own visit.

– The multi-touch screens in the museum provide different types of interaction, such as “Strike a Pose” game, and “Make a Face” interactive. They invite the visitors to imitate the pose of facial expressions of the artworks.

– With ArtLens, the new iPad app, visitors can plan their own visits, get pop-up information of the work they are interested in by a simple scan.

From the photos, people seem had a really good time with the installations because art museum is no longer just about viewing, but it involves movement, thinking, touching and drawing. It’s not only inspiration to other art museums, but also to the interaction design industry. 

If you want to know more the project, please refer to:

1) Transforming the Art Museum Experience: Gallery One: a complete and detailed introduction of Gallery One published on Museums and the Web 2013. One of the authors is Jane, Alexander, Director of Information Management and Technology Services at Cleveland Museum of Art.

2) MWatCMA on Storify: a complete page of Museums and the Web’s Deep Dive into CMA on Sep.18-19th, 2013, including some introduction articles, and a few slides from the gathering. (I hope there could be videos or audios to go with the slides though.)

3) Review on the experience in CMA: a thorough review report on the whole experiences. The author, Ed Rodley provides a lot insights on what the technology provides as well as what’s missing in the exhibits.

4) Reviews on Tripadvisor: would be interesting to look into to see how visitors like Gallery One and what could be improved.

I am looking forward to the incoming visitor studies in CMA.


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