[Design Thesis] 1-4 The “Looking Glass” Concept

Among all the technologies from previous research, the one that interests me most is the “Looking Glass” concept from designer Mac Funamizu. In his vision, people could get information in real-time with a piece of smart glass. When you holds up the device towards certain object, information pops up to tell you more about this object or show you the direction when you are navigating in a new city. You get information in the context– the moment when you want it and the place where you need it.


seethroughThe concept is exactly what I was thinking about before the research and it’s totally possible for the near future. An app that connects to the camera could instantly simulate the same effect. The “see through” glass is nothing new because someone has already come up with this idea (and he won the Red Dot Design Awards in 2009). The concept is simple but powerful, but it does not explain how to realize. Ideally, people can use it to get instant in-context information with the device, the question is what the supporting technology is and where the information comes from. Furthermore, how can it be applied in exhibit spaces? What will the interaction look like? Or we can jump out of this box and ask: do we enjoy carrying a large piece of glass around when traveling or walking in the city?

It becomes a foundation for me to build up on. I helps me map out the elements that I should look into: information display, information database, supporting techniques and user experiences.

After the rough exploration into technology, next step, I will start to learn more about the visitors: what interests/attracts them, what they expect to see and learn more about, what types of interaction they prefer, etc.


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