Our team chose to focus on PSO's collaboration with guest artists. We talked to different stakeholders, including PSO adminstrator, musicians, audience and some artists. Specifically, we focused on a special concert co-created by PSO and a DJ. It was a new attempt, which received a lot good comments.


Based on our research, we created a blueprint and musicians' life journey to understand the space. Blueprints and journey map are both design tools to encourage further discussion and exploration. We used these models to describe PSO current state and to identify opportunities.


From our research, we realized that new content or new forms of concerts could effectively attract young audience to PSO. The problem is organizing these special events is both time-consuming and high-cost. How to create a service that could lower the cost and shorten the time period in special events? We came up with the Five-Minute Experiment idea.


How to prototype service system? Our solution is, first, using storyboard to go through the process with participants to see if they can perceive value from it. Second, we went through the voting system by ourselves, from collecting ideas from friends, visualizing the ideas, making voting prototypes, to gathering feedback during the presentation. We got positive feedback from participants.

Final Design

Here's how Five-Minute Experiment works. PSO calls the public for music proposals, and then the public will vote for the idea that they would like to see. Then PSO musicians perform this piece of music before a concert. After the preview, PSO will gather feedback from the audience. They could see the potential of different ideas and could further develop those into future projects. We created a poster to describe our design process.

My Role
  • Visual Design
  • User Research
  • Prototypes
  • 10/2013 – 12/2013